10-14-13 cell adhesion I questions

Where are elastic fibers found and why describe the

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Unformatted text preview: ure of collagen fibrils contribute to the function of fibrillar type collagens? Collagen triple helices are produced inside of cells such as fibroblasts, and secreted. Where does the formation of collagen fibrils occur? What are collagen fibrils made of? Briefly describe the steps that occur during collagen fibril assembly. Given the type of covalent bonds that crosslink collagen triple helices, what amino acids besides Gly, Pro and HO- Pro might you expect to find in collagen polypeptides? Where are elastic fibers found and why? Describe the structure of elastic fibers. What are the two main components? Describe how the structures of fibrillin and elastin contribute to the function of elastic fibers. Where is each located within the elastic fibers? How are fibrillin proteins linked to form a scaffold? How are tropoelastin proteins linked to form elastin? Describe the structure of the two main regions of tropoelastin, and how each contributes to the function of elastic fibers. Elastic fibers are considered entropic springs. What does this me...
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