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10-16-13 ECM II questions

Describe the components of the basal lamina and tell

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Unformatted text preview: pithelial cells to the basal lamina? Based on the structure of fibronectin, how does it link ECM components to each other and to cells? Give examples of where basal laminae are located, and of their functions. Describe the components of the basal lamina, and tell how they are linked together and to the cells. How does the structure of the collagens in the basal lamina differ from collagen structure in e.g. cartilage? What is a CAM? In general, what is the function of CAMs in cell- cell and cell- ECM junctions? Describe the general structure of CAMs, and tell what the function of each domain is. What are some CAM ligands? What types of cytoskeletal elements can CAMs be linked to? What two...
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