10-25-13 Secretory Pathway questions

What part of the ribosomepolypeptide complex does the

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Unformatted text preview: the ER? Is anything else needed for protein translocation into the ER? What else, and what is its function? Be able to describe the sequence of events that occur during cotranslational translocation into the ER. What part of the ribosome/polypeptide complex does the SRP bind to? At this stage, what nucleotide does SRP bind to? What happens to translation as a result? Where does this occur within the cell (i.e. in the cytoplasm or in the ER)? How does the ribosome/polypeptide/SRP complex get targeted to the ER membrane? What does the ribosome dock with, and how? How is translation restarted after the ribosome docks on the translocon? At what stage in this process do SR...
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