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When a transi6on occurs the shape of the orbital

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Unformatted text preview: and 4fxyz orbitals) 3 3 3 22 22 22 Orbital shapes Orbital energies depend on the number and posi6on of other electrons (repulsions) and charge on nucleus (aarac6ons). When a transi6on occurs, the shape of the orbital changes, just as the energy of the orbital changes. Modify H energy diagram H vs many ­electron atoms What are electrons doing in a ground state atom? •  Aueau principle: •  Pauli exclusion principle: •  Hund’s rule: Electron configura6ons show the occupa6on of subshells. Orbital diagrams are a way of represen6ng the occupa6on of orbitals in atoms Two methods for remembering orbital or subshell ordering •  Periodic table: •  Arrows: 08_06.JPG 08_06 ­02UN.JPG Noble gas core? Some excep6ons exist Recall and understand: 1. 2. Making ions Transi6on metals are different Making molecules Resonance Excep6ons to Octet Rule...
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