Review problems Exam 2 Fall 2012

6 if a rock is dropped from the top of a cliff let

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Unformatted text preview: If a rock is dropped from the top of a cliff, let be how many feet the rock falls in seconds. Then a. If the cliff is 72 feet high, how long will it take the rock to hit the bottom? b. How fast will the rock be going when it hits the bottom? 7. Find the extreme values of = 8. Find the equation of the tangent line to on 2, 4 and −1, 2 if they exist. + = − + 2 at 1, 1 . = 16 . 9. Given the functions below find the intervals on which they are increasing and decreasing, any local maxima and minima, intervals on which it is concave up and down, and any inflection points. Sketch the functions. a. =3 b. = −4 −3...
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