Introduction o cathode reaction 2h 2e ho overall

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Unformatted text preview: ½O Cathode Reaction 2H 2e HO Overall Reaction ½O H HO Figure 2 Eqn. 1 ° ° ° ° Equation 1 ° 0.814 ° ° 1 2 ° ° Equation 2 ° Eqn. 3 Eqn. 2 Figure 2: The anode reaction yields two protons and two electrons from the hydrogen fuel. The oxygen feed combines with the products of the anode reaction to make water. These two reactions added together account for the overall reaction. Anode Reaction H 2H 2e Equation 1 Equation 1 Figure 3 Figure 3: A voltage versus current density plot showing the three different efficiency losses [1]. Figure 3. Eqn. 4 Methods: Figure 4: Fuel cell and equipment schematic. Figure 5 safety information and Equation 4 Figure 5 Figure 5: Ohmic polarization region of the characteristic curve for fuel cell number one. Current (mA) experimental protocol can be found in Appendix A.) Figure 3 Voltage (mV) Table 2: t-test results comparing cell one to two and three. Table 1: Resistance losses and...
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