This was meant to confirmed that the resistance

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Unformatted text preview: is was meant to confirmed that the resistance losses varied from cell to cell. An additional comparison was made losses were the same for the three fuel cells in the experiment conducted in this lab. Statistical analysis fuel cell number three had the poorest. A comparison was made to determine if the resistance efficiency gas transport were ignored. It was found that fuel cell number two had the greatest performance, while resistance related efficiency losses of each one. Other efficiency losses due to limits in reaction rate and The objective of this report was to evaluate the performance of three fuel cells by quantifying the Abstract: Figure 1 Figure 1: A hydrogen fuel cell showing the flow of electrons and hydrogen ions to form water from hydrogen and oxygen. Theory: The xperimental objectives for this lab were to determine the characteristic curves and evaluate the performance of the fuel cells by calculating the resistance losses in the ohmic polarization region for each one. Introduction:...
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