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comm paper 1 - Ty Mailath Communications Experiencing...

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Ty Mailath 9-15-06 Communications Experiencing Different Cultures Automobiles and airplanes are the two most significant inventions that have promoted travel. Every day people use these inventions to travel, whether it is for vacation, business, or if only to make the routine commute to school and/or work. However, one consequence of traveling is experiencing different cultures. Everyone reacts differently when they are subjected to unfamiliar cultures; some may become introverted, while others may try to ease the unfamiliarity by trying to “fit in” and learn the intricacies of the new culture. Within the past few months I have encountered new cultures which include living at home during the summer, living off-campus with new roommates, and playing baseball with new teammates. Through these experiences I have learned that being submerged in a different culture may, initially, prove to be difficult, but, ultimately, it holds an everlasting impression in my life that I will use when faced with new cultures in the future. My first collision with a new culture occurred when I lived and worked with my parents during the summer. After being away at school for an entire year where everything revolved around my schedule then suddenly finding myself having to follow my parents’ rules came as a surprise to me. It is baffling how in high school I did not
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course COMM 1000 taught by Professor Isaacson during the Spring '08 term at Bethany LB.

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comm paper 1 - Ty Mailath Communications Experiencing...

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