Draw both right and left handed chairs 2 draw in

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Unformatted text preview: ot;axial" sticks on the relevant carbons; then draw in "equatorial" sticks on the relevant carbons • Use the left-most carbon for your first substituted carbon 3. On the left-most carbon, put your first substituent in on both chairs. • It should be equatorial in the “right-handed” chair, and axial in the other. 4. Use "upper/downer" logic to decide whether the second substituent belongs eq or ax on the first chair (then make it the opposite on the second chair) • Draw in the H’s on the relavent carbons 5. Are the two substituents eq/eq, eq/ax, or ax/ax? This will help recognize relative stability 6. If one subst. is forced axial, the preferred chair has the bigger subst. equatorial 7. The best cis vs trans isomer has both substituents equatorial. 8. Note: To draw and identify the best cis versus trans, just draw a chair with both groups equatorial, and then identify whether that is cis or trans( ( ( Steps(for(Drawing(the(Best(Newman(projection( Summary:((Draw(staggered(sticks;(install(substituents(appropriately( 1. Draw a...
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