Use the worst totally eclipsed version as 0 and 360 2

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Unformatted text preview: ier Tips for creating a Newman Projection Energy Diagram 1. Use the “worst” (totally eclipsed version) as 0º and 360º. 2. 120º and 240º will be the other “eclipsed” conformations => energy crests. 3. 60º, 180º, and 300º will be the staggered conformations => energy valleys 4. 60º and 300º will be the other two staggered conformations (gauche) => energy valleys. 5. To compared the relative energies of the eclipsed crests, evaluate the sizes of the eclipsing substituents (when two non-hydrogens eclipse) and 6. To compare the relative energies of the staggered valleys, evaluate the number/severity of gauche interactions...
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