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Ty Mailath 10-20-06 Communications Dr. Isaacson Interpersonal Experience A conversation can often be most thoroughly understood by observing body language and hand gestures. In these two forms of communication the intensity of emotions are frequently revealed. When two people communicate through a conversation they demonstrate anger through many hand gestures and a tense posture. Also, confidence can be observed through eye contact and either a laid back or intense approach. However, some emotions are hard to detect, especially if the person is a good liar. For example, men try to hide their sensitive feelings by exchanging stereotypical “macho man” behavior and denying their soft emotions. In the conversation I observed, I witnessed many subtle clues that affirmed or gave evidence to dispute their claims. I observed the conversation in my living room while pretending to do homework. I was sitting in my living room finishing up my homework when X walked in the room and began watching a baseball game on television. Shortly thereafter, Y takes a seat on the couch. They exchange pleasantries as their focus remains on the television. The young men begin screaming for separate reasons as an exceptional play to rob a player of a homerun was made. X becomes perturbed and starts banging a pillow against his head. Y becomes elated and starts doing a dance in front of the television. They eventually
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course COMM 1000 taught by Professor Isaacson during the Spring '08 term at Bethany LB.

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comm paper 2 - Ty Mailath 10-20-06 Communications Dr....

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