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Even the sequential quality of the musical line

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Unformatted text preview: 92- 93 in Belarus that they were going to move towards West o Soviet Union started to break up at this time • • Ameryka.” Dances on the Roof ’93, Ulis (1993). Dainova n.n. o In 1993 Ulis’ style combined the energy of driving guitar and drums, an active bass line, throaty aggressive vocals, and lyrical introspective texts. The initial moments establish a sense of urgency especially through the pitched drum ostinato and the anticipation created by the electric guitar. The melodic line offers a sharp contrast with the instrumentals through short lyrical phrases that stretch borrowed triple divisions over quadruple time. The melodic line and instruments are unified by a bass line that alternates between driving the rhythm and lyrical lines, particularly at the end of a phrase. o Similar to U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name o in lyrics, they talk about America not being a place, but an aspiration, a dream • • - Belarus is only one of former Soviet countries with still Communist gov’t • - those who voted, voted for stability over freedom • - had no...
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