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The bands interest in production techniques in this

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Unformatted text preview: , poisoned land, hurt their agriculture • - lots of villages abandoned, people displaced; but lots of people who wouldn’t leave too, lots of cancer • - Novaje Nieba is an underground band o there are always underground bands, cassette tapes allows these types of bands to thrive o thriving underground band scene o emerge out of intelligencia class • - intelligencia: artistic people, thinkers, grouped here o lot of independent culture thrived in this group o a class that we recognize, much more consolidated • • “zachlivaja pryhazosc.” Son i tramvaj. Novaje Nieba (1993) Kovcheg. o This early example by Novaje Nieba illustrates the avant- garde element in Belarusan rock. The angular melody of the refrain, the driving mechanisti...
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