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The changes to verse structure and to flow are

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Unformatted text preview: is between traditional and contemporary resources that defines their music. The fusion of acoustic, electric, and digitally- managed sounds supports a male vocal performance that mimics the techniques heard amongst women singers in Belarusan Palessie (Southwestern Belarus). The changes to verse structure and to flow are evident in this rendition, as is the level of appropriation including jazz- influenced brass interludes (punches) and English- language rap. o Rusalka means mermaid o This is a very typical folk song, has similarities to Bulgaria folk Heterophonic, not diaphonic this is the sound they want from female voice (bardic?) • • Soviet Era • - 3 eras: Soviet, Chernobyl, wake of Soviet Union breakup • - folk song comes to play during Soviet Era • - pop music considered commercialized, not allowed by government • - Melodiya, state run record company • - would just have 1 girl and 1 guy rock band, because rock wasn’t allowed • - lot of their popular music coming from Latvia and Lithuania, they took whatever records got through o Pink Floyd popular, but the band Yes was...
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