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So they took whatever came through latvia and

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Unformatted text preview: experience with freedom that we know “Prezydent idzi damo`.” Go Home. Novaje Nieba (1995) Novaje Nieba. n.n. o Released in 1995, the song “President GO Home,” (Go Home, Kobcheg 1995), delivers a wave of angry musical energy, an aggressiveness that denies Kamockaja’s earlier preference for ballad- style songs. The music, a demand for populist President Lukashenka to go home, back to Russia, contains a recurring guitar gesture, a wa- wa guitar that sounds like empty repetitive political rhetoric. Even the sequential quality of the musical line suggests the lack of musical direction, a potential comment about contemporary politics in Belarus. The words are equally a powerful criticism of Lukashenka’s political intent, of the population’s inability to detect his strategies, and of their lack of conviction in generating political change o Sing entirely in Belarusan • • - descendants of intelligencia group that emigrated from Bulgaria still identified as Bulgarian, used art and communication differently than people who emigrated maybe f...
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