That have distinct sounds song by band palace is very

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Unformatted text preview: most popular • - Progressive Rock o arose in late 60s, way of making something bigger than a pop song o incorrectly associated with upperclass Englishmen (only Genesis fit this bill) o heavier and more blues oriented o Led Zeppelin and Cream were pivot point between progressive rock and hard metal rock o basing progressive rock on folk music is standard o musicians in Belarus make progressive rock out of their folk music • • - when singing song associated with women (because folk roots), men sing it like women, use higher voice • - progressive rock very “blocky”: different sections in song that have distinct sounds • - song by band Palace is very typical of the Soviet era o very blocky, guy sings in high voice in female parts • • Chernobyl • - most important thing that happened in Belarus in this period • - fallout reached Belarus...
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