Chicken or egg question explosion of tourism in 1930s

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Unformatted text preview: amelan piece • • • 9/19/13 • Gamelan exposure and spread • - World’s Fair in Paris first exposed it, independent groups picked it up, university/academics start getting interested and getting their own Gamelan groups • - Gamelan were often used as dinner music • - wayang orang o orang = man • - wayang kulit o puppet theater o based on Hindu culture (even though it is mainly Islam now, the tradition remains) o puppet shows are semi- improvised • - often, news or information or stories would be told during shows • - the old stories are substrate onto which you put on news or information • - music is good cultural lubricant – musicians travel from place to place, carrying information • - BBC clip: shadow puppets show, teach taboo lessons through these shows o messages about drugs, AIDS, safe sex o puppets allow for abstraction • • Bali • - a little farther east than Java, was settled a little later, everything about Bali is a little more intense • - Gamelan’s spread was more of an intellectual, academic penetration that trickles down to Bali • - they like the dissonance even more than the Javanese o instruments also more ornate and decorated o they play faster too o more intense o desire for contrast o imbal – meaning hocket they have one person playing on one side, and another person playing on other side • - different mindset than Javanese o Balinese Gamelan have to practice, but Javanese performances are their practices • - Javanese Gamelan can sound pretty in contrast to Balinese • • • Taruna Jaya, traditional, performed by “Tirta Sari” Ensemble of Peliatan Village [Gamelan Gong Kebyar, JVC World Sounds VICG- 5215] o A piece in traditional Balinese style. Note the brilliance of the sound, compared to the mellowness of the Javanese instruments, and the speed of playing. o This speed is all the more impressive because the various players are actually playing in hocket- style, with interlocking parts. Changes from loud to soft playing or sudden shifts in tempo are much more common in Balinese gamelan than in Javanese. o very fast and “jangly” • • Balinese Gamelan in World Culture • - dancing was also part of Balinese Gamelan o dancing very popular to tourists, so question is whether the prevalence of dancing was driven by tourism, or did tourism just make it popular? Chicken or egg question • - explosion of tourism in 1930s • - in first decade of 1...
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