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Unformatted text preview: 900s, Balinese started resisting colonization o gong kebyar – “sparks fly up” style develops in first decade of 20th century, a type of non- verbal resistance (to colonization) they exaggerate and go for extreme dissonance o starts as a vent for themselves • - Walter Spies o was German who came out to Bali to write, was part of a circle of anthropologist married this girl “as a beard” meaning he was gay was a cover o he was the founding father for Balinese voyeurism o dark side though: he also started the sexual tourism trade in Bali now a huge trade Benjamin Britton and Peter Pears didn’t like this o also developed some “traditional” things took elements from them and made them popular, now they are part of the landscape • - Colin McPhee, Canadian composer, became ethnomusicologist in Bali • - lot has changed in Bali, but also lots has stayed the same • - BBC tour, clip about Volcanoes in Indonesia o 1963 volcano eruption happened on same day that they held a ceremony that happens every 100 years o was supposed to be different day, but President of Bali wanted to hold it on a day when tourism conference was here o thought to have angered mountain/volcano god, so erupted o animist tradition, Hinduism o music in clip: use hymn- like, procession music use of Balinese Gamelan in background they use a Western exotic version of Gamelan played with flute o in the beginning, played Gamelan music on a wooden instrument wood instruments usually played in indoor situations, like in hotel lobbies gives you genuine Gamelan but not as loud or noisy much more developed in Balinese Gamelan • - kecak – “monkey chant” o example of a form of art that was developed and popularized by Westerners o has become a huge production, started to be played in a circle o influenced by Walter Spies o became more of just a display • - indoor use of wooden instruments and kecak are two big examples of Western influence on Gamelan development • • - quiz will stay where it is, then go to South Africa • • • 9/24/13 • Quiz and Class stuff • - visit library page for class • - after quiz 1, need to do 5 minutes of something and analyze that? • - first question in quiz is where is this from? o Kate bush, etc. know collaborations o won't ask names of people o but later on, may ask for names of musicians in exile, like why? But not where they were exiled, more thematic than historical biography o difference between Javanese and Balinese o terms in Bulgaria melismatic, diaphonic, heterophony o Gamelan: an orchestra, signifies set of instruments balungan is so...
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