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In bubaran robert harrison presents a rather

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Unformatted text preview: heard it and loved it Debussy loved it because there were no half steps, built scales on that idea changed their concept on how music put together • • - Images II, “La lune descende sur la temple qui fut” (1907) by Claude Debussy, performed by Pascal Rog [from Debussy (London Jubilee 417 792- 2)] o Nearly twenty years after his first encounter with the Javanese gamelan in the Exposition of 1889, the contemplative style of the great work was still an obvious influence on Debussy’s piano writing o Note the use of dissonances to produce some of the “shimmer” of the bronze metallophones, as well as the pentatonic scales and gender- like figurations o seen as nostalgic, Said reading: Western cultures develop, but exotic cultures hold on to tradition o temples seen as “oriental” and even included in aristocratic art and ceramics • • - a lot of people entranced by sound • - ex: Lou Harrison, from bay area, created a modern Gamelan o some of the gongs were trashcan lids, used pipes, etc. • - Bubaran Robert, by Lou Harrison, performed by Metalworks. [from Metalworks Practical CD 6], 1990s o Lou Harrison was a California composer who has been greatly influenced by gamelan. He wrote works for “modern gamelans” that include hanging garbage- can lids and plumbing pipes; Metalworks, the modern gamelan here, is far more conventional, although some of the instruments are made of aluminum and are differently shaped than their Indonesian counterparts o Metalworks is a British ensemble of only 5 players and includes such non- traditional instruments as saxophone, harmonium, and drum kit. In Bubaran Robert, Harrison presents a rather traditional- sounding gending with the soprano saxophone taking the part of the pesinden (actually, quite a good match both in timbre and expressive qualities). o considered a small work, soprano sax as small instrument • - ARK, by Jan Steele, performed by Metalworks. [from Metalworks Practical CD 6], 1990s o Jan Steele is a member of the group Metalworks, and her composition is in some ways the most un- traditional of any of those performed by the group, despite its traditional instrumentation and playing style. o The rhythmic patterns are African, not Indonesian, and the gamelan starts to sound almost like an mbira (thumb piano). o put together like a G...
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