Instrument plays 4x as fast than the instruments

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Unformatted text preview: music (or language) music and language tightly connected • - opposite of a Western orchestra (people own instruments), in Gamelan, people and instruments are connected o before you have a concert, you make an offering • - based on several layers of tradition o first layer: Animist tradition, believe that inanimate objects have souls, worship them view the instruments as sacred o next: Hindu layer, lasted for a long time, was the driving force of the Gamelan Hindu cosmology about cycles of times, and cycles within cycles similar to the rhythmic formats of Gamelan instruments when playing Gamelan, music just comes to an end • - two kinds of music – small works and great works o depends on how many beats from gongan o a lot was oral tradition until recently o know that everything is a multiple, on rhythmic density page, every instrument plays 4x as fast than the instruments below them o most instruments have an onomatopoeic names o great works can go on forever, when you play a Gamelan, should expect to play continuously o used for different events or occasions great works: more royal, processions, court small works: could be background music • - we got Gamelan notation from the Dutch o they settled in Indonesia, got rich off Indonesians, spice trade • - there are 2 different tunings • - main things: all mathematical, dividing the beat below the balungan, multiplying above the balungan • • Ketawang: Puspawarna (“Kinds of Flowers”) slendro patet manyura, performed by the gamelan Kyai Pengawe Sari (Yogyakarta, with Surakartan influences) [from Javanese Court Gamelan (Elektra Nonesuch Explorer Series 7559- 72044- 2] o Though relatively short, this is representative of a contemplative or “great” work for the entrance of a prince (note the buka on the rebab). This recording is taken from a CD in our library which contains other great works, many of which elide into others to create spaces of music that last 20 minutes or more. This uninterrupted flow of music is more typical of a gamelan performance than discrete starts and stops between pieces. o the Javanese audience would read or eat lunch or talk with friends while listening o different than first because it seems more structured, slower because gongan much longer • • - first time Westerners paid attention to Gamelan music was in 1889, the World Fair in Paris o to some extent, was first World Fair, because travel easier o there was an Indonesian Gamelan in Paris, Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel...
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