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O the jagged melodic style and uneven rhythms are

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Unformatted text preview: metimes called the nuclear melody, more like the ground bass, bassline, something that you improvise around, time markers below and ornamental stuff above buka – slow introduction, gets musicians together, played on a bonang or rebab, then drums will come in which leads to downbeat and gong imbal – hocket great works vs small works – can distinguish by looking at gong distance great works more likely heard in formal, official events • meditative kind of music shadow puppet play? Great work smaller works more for dancing, lighter situations faster and more dancing in Bali • dancing in Java more attached to dramatic presentations o what kind of piece is this, what setting used in, is this traditional? • • Bali (continued) • - Colin McPhee – has a house in Bali, writes music • “Balinese Ceremonial Music: Pemoengkah (Overture to Shadow- Play)” composed by Colin McPhee, performed by Anthony Goldstone & Caroline Clemmow [Music for Two Pianos by Benjamin Britten & Colin McPhee, Olympia CD OCD 648] o Colin McPhee (1901- 1964) was a Westerner who lived in Bali and published a famous book A House in Bali about his experiences o He was also a composer, and a number of his piano and orchestral pieces were heavily influenced by the sound of the Balinese gamelan o clear imitation of Gamelan, more direct interpretation, less dreamy interpretation than Debussy • • John Cage • - music was secondary to him as a thinker, very influential • - 4’33” – three movements, someone sits at piano, turn page at specific time o noise as structured sound, organized by time o puts frame around silence, moment in time, makes people aware of ambiance o way of conceptualizing o also wrote everything down, complicated moments by making them very specific this and 4’33” was two different ends • - as a music student, knew big recordings weren’t possible because he was limited by funds and stuff • - partner was dancer, wanted to make dance music o played around with Gamelan, thought it would be a good idea for dancing o decided to modify piano invented prepared piano, where you can slip things underneath strings of piano to make different sounds doesn’t sound like a piano but good for dancing was very...
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