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Have strong musical cultureidentity england doesnt

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Unformatted text preview: truments: charango, siku, shaker made out of hooves • - dance is not for watching, but does include participation • - Andean music is repetitive o close to minimalism o tendency to take little idea and move it around, sequence it • - music of resistance; places that have tradition of resistance to colonialism, etc. have strong musical culture/identity (England doesn’t have strong musical history) • • - during 1980s, music broke onto world music scene • - in Dolencias, Ballet Rambert is big, important ballet company in Britain o emotional ballet • - Incantation, group of musicians who performed at Ballet Rambert center, working on ghost dances • - figure skating: Torvill and Dean, really good ice skaters won Olympics 1984 o lead people to start considering it as a sport o cause their choreography really good • - Torvill and Dean choreograph piece called Missing, inspired by ghost dances, for Duchesnay’s to skate to o put together a sequel to win World Championships, Missing II • - Duchesnay adapted Missing, adaptation of ghost dances o they won world championship and there was some controversy because music too exciting that they had to win • - music became popular in UK to having general audience, becomes connected to idea of disappeared and missing, through ghost dances and versions of Missing (in ice dancing) o...
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