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Unformatted text preview: on them, raise the roof dance • • • move • - bhangra mixed naturally with electronic dance music • - lots of clubs just for this type of music • • • • • • • • - Make way for the Indian, Apache Indian - people making music in the old fashion band way but also in the dance method - but something that emerges is also Britpop idea of more cool, British identity - from 93- 94, this takes over popular culture - first Asian artist to have hit song in Asian language was Bally Sagoo – Dil Cheez - typically these songs start with something slow, to introduce instruments and elements you’re using, then goes into dance stuff • - still the same voice style • • • • • • • • • • • - kula shaker is Britpop in 1990s - spiritual aspect, influenced by mysticism, but also Beatles sound - often not considered part of Britpop movement - second song entirely in Sanskrit - imagery is psychedelic, cosmic, exotic - long instrumental beginning, song is technically a hymn - Cornershop, second generation Indians who formed band - Brimful of Asha is huge hit - is a song about Bollywood cinema and importance of that culture • - did cover of Norwegian Wood • • - in 97, lots of racist backlash against Indian music • - trend: something emerges from underground, becomes popular, then goes away slowly o...
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