Rough sound associated with jamaican singing like a

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Unformatted text preview: orm o becomes international style • • • 12/5/13 • Anglo- Indian in England • - first popped up in Southwest London, partly to cassette culture • - but also, in 70s and 80s, there was exchange between Indian and Jamaican immigrant communities o blending of Indian pop and reggae, becomes known as ragamuffin o play on words, term meaning small black child, kind of condescending, but not much o raga – collection of moods and scales • • - in late 80s, 90s, Bally Sagoo does ragamuffin version of Mera Laung Gawacha o has distinct reggae upbeat, but also tablas and bouncy drums o female vocal style is in classic pop style in Indian pop singing, particularly singing associated with movie o but also rough sound associated with Jamaican singing, like a cousin of rapping • • - when Sheila Chandra hits pop charts, this pops up • - Steve Kapur grew up in Birmingham, grew up associating with dance hall and reggae and other similar stuff, took stage name Apache Indian, took on misunderstanding of being Indian o second generation where he grew up hearing this music, Western Indian music o ragamuffin was his language grow...
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