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Song the enchantment has series of pieces called

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Unformatted text preview: art of performing percussion syllables by the voice • - the syllables that she sings start to become music • - showed people how Indian artists would take a song they know and improvise it • - in live performance, fragments piece, goes between 2 songs, ornamentation • • • • • - lot of elements of Indian improvisation using on this familiar song - The Enchantment - has series of pieces called Speaking in Tongue, samples songs o meant to be done live o clip where she’s making syllables quickly, kind of singing o about improvising rhythmically, moving into spoken word - almost entirely made, produced, circulated by people in Indian community - bhangra – Indian party music o dhol, instrument – connection to Punjabi bhangra o British style of bhangra developed, but we don’t know how o Started to make way out because of cassette culture o used for parties, weddings, festivals • - a lot of music seems to have developed in UK and then transported back to Bollywood • - in 80s, Chandra is a figure that’s recognized, also theres a vibrant culture of bhangra that explodes in late 80s and 90s as a world music f...
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