Transitioned to newer style bhangra often have

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Unformatted text preview: ing up • - in 90s, ragamuffin becomes bhangra- muffins o because another influence, soul and R&B from US • • - boom- shack- a- lak was huge summer hit of 93 o influence from Mar- keys, famous Stacks party band, 12- bar blues; Mar- keys, Last Night o helped move Indian pop into mainstream • - Creolization o Creole means 2 languages side by side, what happens is children of generation creates language that blends the 2 o not as homogenized as hybridization • • - new kind of music against grunge (which was very US oriented) UK wanted own style, Britpop revolution o wrote out lots of blue influences • • • • • o like Oasis, Blur (more eccentric) - get Indian pop culture moving towards underground towards mainstream - bhangra music mixing with electronic dance music o house music of Chicago and Detroit starting in 80s spreads out - Malkit Singh – biggest selling bhangra artist of all time - in British culture, his biggest hit was Boliyan o more futuristic o sample from Martha Walsh used by group Blackbox (Right on Time) - older style but transitioned to newer style - bhangra often have embroidered vest with mirrors...
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