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South Africa

soul brothers are the first really big artists heyi

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Unformatted text preview: ly be lightly known but if you see his whole performance you will be shocked, you’ll feel your whole body burning [with excitement]. Play, son of Mayonfane, let everybody hear your music. When you hear the music don’t walk up and down in the room. Keep cool and listen. Hey girl, don’t sit like a man. Put your legs together and sit like a woman. Sit down like a girl because there are men in the house. And listen to Ihashi. o Traditional guitar- and concertina- style Zulu music, more commonly known as township jive or mbaqanga. The lyrics change erratically from political resignation to typical rap- style boasting to patriarchal chastening of a female, probably a relative (sister, daughter, wife, cousin, or possibly girlfriend) o use concertina instead of guitar o ukuvamba: guitar style, strumming style o mbube: bass style, melodic bouncy bass, almost sounds like string • • - by 1950s, realized they need...
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