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when scatterlings came out was a critical success but

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Unformatted text preview: schools, they were segregated, and rules on what they could teach, what would make them useful workers, laborers (kind of), but not much science and stuff o new limitation that everything had to be taught in Afrikaans o kids were in school, and in June, a bunch of students just walked out SA gov’t reacted violently, like to a riot, shot students and took students to prison people inside and outside of SA reacted o not a lot of immediate reaction in music scene o rules of apartheid got worse kind of • - music didn’t stop completely, mix of black and white styles appeared • • Juluka and Johnny Clegg • - Juluka was an interracial band • - leader was a white SA guy, Johnny Clegg, but could speak and sing black African, studied Zulu dance o Clegg learned how to play guitar on stre...
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