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In the preceding sequence a fantasy is painted of

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Unformatted text preview: striking clash of music and lyrics, as the exuberant rhythms and singing are overlaid with witty, intellectual, sophisticated lyrics about the New York intelligentsia (the most memorable characters are the party- giving cinematographer and the woman who was recently given a Fulbright). o is also a contrafacta, but they re- recorded it o its a charinda o he takes the place of the male lead, keeps the female singers • • - album comes out in 1986 • - this is exactly the period where us and un are trying to put sanctions on SA • - 1972 was the first time it actually happened • • Sun City • - bunch of famous artists banded together against apartheid, Artists United Against Apartheid o kind of in the vein of live aid, farm aid • - artists pledged not to perform at Sun City resort because it supported apartheid • - released this song, was like We Are Christmas and Do They Know It’s Christmas, but didn’t have huge pop reaction • - was a little too political (Reagan line) • - these people never performed live in SA • • Paul Simon and Graceland • - Paul Simon broke cultural boycott by recording in SA • - there was some controversy that he put his name on some music that was very musically SA • • “You Can Call Me Al” (Words and Music by Paul Simon [at least, those are the credits]) P...
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