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Keep cool and listen hey girl dont sit like a man put

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Unformatted text preview: and were in exile • - Miriam Makeba became one of first world music stars, still in category of exotic music o most popular song was The Click Song, using Xhosa traditions • - was also an activist o second husband was Stokely Carmichael, a political activist in US o he was involved in Black Panthers, wanted by FBI o by marrying him, went into exile twice, traveled to West Africa with him • - first introduction of South African sound to American mainstream o she was more popular tv, nightclub music o Hugh Masekela was jazz artist • • Hugh Masekela and Herb Alpert • - 1978, Hugh Masekela joins with Armenian- Jewish mariachi star, Herb Alpert o Alpert part of Tijuana Brass, started independent and creative record label, A&M record label Carpenters, the Police, Janet Jackson o did 2 albums together, crossover between jazz and pop o brought a more South African sound to American music • • “Skokiaan”...
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