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South Africa

March 1959 kaz cd 26 1992 o miriam makeba south

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Unformatted text preview: 3 acts o Population Registration Act – people were classified and registered according to race, social rights determined by these classifications sometimes families were separated if mixed race o Group Areas Act – assigned areas for people to live in o Separate Amenities Act – schools, hospitals, social structures split for black and white • • Kwela • - because of this separation, development of style called “kwela” o combined traditional music, Zulu music o Soweto – township outside of Johannesburg • - kwela bands’ style is simple: guitar, some type of percussion (box for sitting on), predominantly instrumental o light and portable, vernacular type of music o kwela is first type of style that came out of townships, product of apartheid performed on street corners and such o women do not sign in this type of music around the world, music is seen as technology, women not usually associated with using technology • - kwela is root of popular music of SA o similar to influence of blues on US music • - continual look of blacks from SA to the US o when we get jazz, they kind of adopt that too • • Mi...
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