South Africa

Motown motown was more constructed o stax was more

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Unformatted text preview: ed to have some music entertainment opportunity for SA black population o SABC: SA version of BBC started playing black, SA music o Gallo records – only record company in SA, started recoding a limited number of black artists, some were pretty good • - mbqanga was their version of rock n roll, later popular styles all came from this, had roots in this • • “Jive Soweto” (Sipho Mabuse) Sipho Mabuse, from Jive Soweto: The Indestructible Beat of Soweto, Volume 4 [Earthworks CD CAROL 2425- 2, 1992)] o Sipho: How do you like it? Girls: I like to dance with a guy Sipho: Dance like this. o A township jive classic that has been recorded and re- recorded over the past thirty years. It blends Shangaan rhythms, disco (cf. “That’s the Way I...
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