South Africa

They seem to be singing about the government there

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Unformatted text preview: ots o a little faster than mquanga, with accordian, xylophone, thundersheet o there’s also a dance that goes along with it • • - for many cultures, theres almost no separation between music and dance • - this was just an ordinary gumboot dancing kind of tune, mining culture • - the miners would have been wearing gumboots, dancing in the mine • - gumboot mine dancing was influenced by zulu dancing and irish folk dance • • “I Know What I Know” (Words by Paul Simon, music by Paul Simon/General M.D. Shirinda) General M.D. Shirinda, The Gaza Sisters, Paul Simon Graceland [Warner Bros. CD 25447- 2, 1986] o General M.D. Shirinda and the Gaza Sisters are a Shangaan (northern South Africa) band. This track from the controversial Graceland is probably the most...
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