South Africa

This song is about an island in guineau bissau

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Unformatted text preview: the Run”: “Nervous night, time on my hands/Private invasion of the promised land/Two on the run, that’s you and me/Maybe we can make it through this emergency.” This song was written in 1984, a year after the US release of Scatterlings. o people say this is reggae, but actually SA influenced people didn’t know how to label this o directly influenced by Juluka, Scatterlings o reference “war- time” and “state of emergency” • • “Hanging on a Heartbeat” (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian, Glenn Gos, Jeff Ziv) The Hooters, Nervous Night [Columbia CDCK 39912, 1985] o Written in 1982, this song has a distinctly different South African- style arrangement with more traditional guitar sound and the synthesized presence of xylophone, a prominent instrument in many mine bands. • • - album released in 1985, with very strong, recognizable SA influence...
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