South Africa

This song was written in 1984 a year after the us

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Unformatted text preview: ets with blacks • - Zulu dance seems like a civilized fight • - band sings about frustrations with apartheid • - he and his dancing partner were a duo • - got recognition at first by passing out cassettes at concerts • - 1976- 78, was dangerous for them to be publicly going after cause • - after that, Zulu Rock blew up for them o Zulu Rock in line with mbaqanga • - tracks sung almost exclusively in Zulu • • “Zodwa” (Sipho Mchunu) Juluka, The Best of Juluka [Rhythm Safari CDL 57138, 1991] o Juluka (Zulu for “sweat”) was formed in the mid- 1970s, in the aftermath of the Soweto riots, by a white anthropology lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand, Johnny Clegg, and a black Zulu gardener and guitarist, Sipho Mchunu. Acknowledged as the expert on ingoma, or Zulu dance, in scholarly circles, Clegg is also accepted by Zulus as a skilled dancer and musician. o Juluka was the first interracial South African band (or at least the first to have any measure of success), and blends mgaqanga, isicathamiya, kwela, ingoma, and Western rock perhaps more successfully than any other band. Most of their early so...
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