South Africa

O the arrangement includes distinctive zulu features

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Unformatted text preview: advantage on this track. Pennywhistle is a staple of the style known as “kwela.” Compare the breathy tones and non- Western scale (neutral thirds, “flat seventh”) to the “clean,” straight, equal- tempered solo in “You Can Call Me Al.” o use of thirds important (dominant harmonic), strong guitar and flute, tinwhistles played in hocket - women did not usually take part in Kwela o women can not be seen on the street, need to be at work or in the house, can’t be hanging out on street corner o mostly men did Kwela • - Miriam Makeba becomes star quickly, takes lead in opera about King Kong o left SA for the opera, but defected, ran away and never came back o Hugh Masekela defected with her (first husband) o both escaped tour, lived in UK and America,...
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