South Africa

O the story as in soweto blues is that of the

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Unformatted text preview: s, but people had no idea where styles were coming from o people didn’t have enough exposure • - this was pretty much the story of SA music • - SA music not an immediate breakout globally even when it got out of SA o Herb Alpert had same experience • • - 1986 Mandela concert in London, because anyone who had played SA were not allowed to play • - interesting Johnny Clegg not able to play, even though they were an SA band • • • 10/2/13 • - cassette culture really helped the development of cambuka • - but the walkman in 1980 was the biggest thing o portable cassette, the ability to listen while doing anything • • Paul Simon • - Gumboots o "contrafacta" - writing lyrics over an existing track o paul simon's version is just over a song also called gumbo...
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