South Africa

O goat voice was a type of compliment o american

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Unformatted text preview: Like It” by KC & The Sunshine Band—similar brilliance in the lyrics), and a touch of reggae. The male soloist/female chorus is typical; the use of the piano is fairly unusual. o their version of “Johnny b goode” or something, super popular o male lead with female response – very typical of SA o Shangaan style usually had reggae type beat regular, upbeat tenor sax, another adaptation of pennywhistle, louder instrument niche o basic kwela traits but substitutions that happen o number 1 track of this style • • - lot of substitutions because mostly it was people just picking up instruments and playing it • - mix and match of elements, esp. European and American 10/1/13 Quiz - 12 questions total Mbqanga - townhall jive, style that came off streets - two types of guitar playing: percussion and finger- picking style - when this moved to townhalls, guitar gets amplified, pennywhistle becomes wind instruments (sax and concertina) o generally, start to amplify instruments, get louder • - become popular because state radio and state record company start to record select few o started in the 60s, then gradual expansion...
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