South Africa

O male harmonies and use of casio synthesizer takes

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Unformatted text preview: for rock band o standard bands (esp. Soweto), basic rock combo, male lead singer, and female background signers o explosion of number of these types of bands • - Stax Records: was a music recording company with more RnB oriented artists o ex: Otis Redding, Green Onions (song) o vs. Motown, Motown was more constructed o Stax was more about feel, had a particular sound that blended well with mbaqanga ethnomusicologists: “enabling similarities” when two styles hook on to each other used lots of sax, very jazzy • • “Wozani Mahipi (Hippies Come to Soweto)” (composer uncredited) Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens, from Soweto Never Sleeps: Classic Female Zulu Jive [Shanachie CD SH43041, 1988 compilation] o The Mahotella Queens are perhaps the classic female Zulu jive group, formed in 1964 and still performing...
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