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South Africa

Passport to get into cities 1950 1953 3 acts o

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Unformatted text preview: France and Java need to tell Java and Bali apart o each question no more than a couple sentences long o no trick questions • - second one in 11/12 • - start listening, can’t cram music • • South America • - isicathimiya – male voices singing in close harmony, no jumpy bassline • - this singing and relative freedom for blacks • - after WWII, 1948 National Afrikaner party (not majority, but more politically energetic) took power and stayed in power until 1980s o constructed a series of laws that we now think of as apartheid o start with disenfranchisement homelands or bantu lands (Bantustan) set aside (reservations) restrictions on where and when people can be pretty much what’s happening in Israel right now o opposite of what happened in US after WWII o came about a little cause of fear, 85% black and 15% white, they thought this was the way life should be, was a way to control “rationalization” term came up • • - townships came up outside of cities, were like suburbs, but essentially were reservations o but need passport to get into cities • - 1950- 1953,...
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