South Africa

South Africa

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Unformatted text preview: , as well as blues. o It is distinctly possible that European and American reviewers found this tune beautiful not only because it is, but because it is the least “African” number on the album. • • - when Scatterlings came out, was a critical success but not huge • - album had cult success “Nervous Night” (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian, Rick Chertoff) The Hooters, Nervous Night [Columbia CDCK 39912, 1985] o The American band The Hooters are primarily known as a reggae- gone- Celtic band from Philadelphia, but they cited Juluka as a prime influence on their musical style. Their first album, Nervous Night, was released in early 1985, before Paul Simon even went to South Africa. o This song clearly draws on South African styles, with a slightly dirtier electric guitar sound, more raucous saxophone with reverb, and tamed mbube bassline (the sliding, “talking” bass sound made famous on “You Can Call Me Al”). The lyrics refer obliquely to apartheid, the so- called “state of emergency” that allowed the police to detain blacks without explanation, and even specifically the song “Two Humans on...
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