South Africa

Vocation focused fisk university in tennessee o had a

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Unformatted text preview: in the US o attraction to SA people but also fear of it o knowledge that they are using this as kind of a code o music tradition becomes kind of a coded language • - in post war period, we get emergence of black colleges, academies o mostly for racially mixed children o education back then was more for medial jobs, but still taught to read and some other academics, but more vocation- focused • - Fisk University in Tennessee o had a choir that sang classic, were popular, and toured the world particularly popular in Holland and Britain o made monophonic pieces into 4 part harmonies, sounded classical to the audience o became known as Jubilee singers • - other schools decided to have these choirs and Jubilee singers too o basically African groups singing European classics o Fisk singers never went to SA, but other groups did o first example where Africans saw music as a form as social mobility SA looked to US for reform and fighting - isicathimiya: type of vocal singing o now associated with Ladysmith B...
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