new form of latin rhythm or dance comes along every

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Unformatted text preview: of the middle class • - Vernon and Irene Castle, American- Canadian dancers that made tango popular o were super popular, sold things • • - dancing is always a form of sexual display, about the body - tango dancing is focused on the man and his physical domination o gauchos wore real spurs, dangerous, so women had to be careful and dance well o ex: Valentino Rudolph cowboy movie, not even that much about her, more about his dominance of the other guy and her o tango turns are characteristic - tango is maintained as popular dance form in clubs, etc. - new form of Latin rhythm or dance comes along every decade, started by • • tango • - importing Gardel to US was part of Good Neighbor policy, reassertion of Monroe Doctrine o idea that Europe should keep out of Western hemisphere, US will “protect” South America o South America seen as place of economical development, US looks there as place to export and to form commercial ties (Hollywood) • - in 1950s, get generation of people going to college and wanting to recapture tango identity • • Jazz and Tango • - later on, increase of mobility because of airplane and transportation, leads to movement of music and records o jazz gets moved around, jazz becomes more of a sit down music, less of dance o cool jazz - Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis other direction is very complex jazz, bepop • - start to go for written music, not improvised as much • - cooler sound, clearer rhythms, piano almo...
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