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Unformatted text preview: st works as percussion, trumpet or sax as a solo instrument • • Nuevo Tango (again), Astor Piazzolla • “Verano Porteño (Porteño Summer)” (Astor Piazzolla) Raul Garello [Buenos Aires by Night EMI CD 7 89180 2, 1993] o Astor Piazzolla and Raul Garello both embody the modern, or nuevo, tango, which arose in the 1960s with jazz and art music inflections. Garello is the director of the official tango orchestra of Buenos Aires as well as an accomplished bandeonist. Piazzolla, who died in 1992, was also a bandeonist and perhaps the most well- known tango artist and composer in the world. o This composition, with its ambitious orchestral arrangement and swift, frequent changes of mood and tempo are typical of Piazzolla’s compositions. Porteño is an adjective meaning “of Buenos Aires.” o rhythmic flexibility, nuevo tango changes tempo, dynamics (loud or soft) and speed one of main features of nuevo tango • • “Contrastes (Constrasts)” (Astor Piazzolla) Astor Piazzolla and the New Time Quintet [Astor Piazzolla, Music Hall CD 10.003- 2, no date] o Delivering on its title, this tune once again demonstrates abrupt changes of mood and tempo. It is one of the “jazziest” of Piazzolla’s compositions, performed here with an ensemble that mixes traditional tango instrumentation (piano and violin) with jazz instruments (electric guitar, bass). o pushes differences in tempo • • “Yo Soy el Negro (I’m the Black)” (Astor Piazzolla, Gorostiza) Astor Piazzolla with Jorge Sobral [Astor Piazzolla, Music Hall CD 10.003- 2, no date] o A rare foray by Piazzolla into the history of the tango, its most African precursor, the candombé. Unfortunately, almost no information is available about this recording, but the rhythm is pure candombé and Jorge Sobral’s vocal is eloquently passionate. o...
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