Understanding culture french people dont understand

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Unformatted text preview: candombe (candomble) – Piazzolla brings in complex rhythms from this religion in this piece o one of few tango pieces with clearly African influences • • “Adios Noniño” (Astor Piazzolla) – 2 versions o performed by Sexteto Mayor - One of Piazzolla’s most famous tunes, a tango standard, performed in nuevo tango fashion. recorded in 80s, shows that Nuevo tango hasn’t changed in 50 years, very stable o By Piazzolla - The same tune performed in a more extended, art/jazz fashion. toured and performed as a jazz musician also, mixed both • • 10/31/13 • Class • - no class on Thursday, but we have podcasts, on blackboard • - second quiz on everything we get through on Tuesday • - quiz: will ask more about which decade songs are in, more than last time • - second quiz on 11/12 • • Nuevo Tango around the world - tango pops up all over the world - idea of immigration - artists left Argentina, etc. and went to Paris - clip: Crazy Milonga o Milonga – place where people tangoed, also a type of dance o lot of tension in Nuevo tango dance, focused on man a lot • clip: so if I lose my patience, try to understand o Inner Smile, In Demand o video about power; girl usually not shown as feminine, Alan Rickman and her dance while she wears a dress, he controls her, then she flips it around, turns out she owned the car and he was the hitchhiker • - tango shows conventional gender patterns • - tangody (tanguedy) – a tango musical • - “the Return of Gardel”...
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