The Politics of Dance

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Unformatted text preview: reliminary final topic by Tuesday next week Flamenco - Flamenco taken a dance form/art form equal to ballet o a result of the contest “cante jondo” and people looking at Spain as exotic o the dancer Gades and the guitarist de Lucia contribute • - Paco de Lucia emerges in 1960s as star flamenco guitarist and was also interested in jazz, which was an art form at this time o common theme: music or art form creeps into popular culture, becomes more popular, aspires to be a highly regarded art • • Carmen • - 1983, Carmen film gets made, very popular • - “the other” is always exoticized and eroticized, sexually alluring and available • - there was also an opera o the film was more realistic than the opera, reality gets blurred in the film because the story is about a rehearsal of the story Carmen, when Carmen dies, not sure if real or part of the rehearsal • - Paco de Lucia plays guitar in movie • - clip: scene where dancer is listening to a song from Bizet’s opera of Carmen, but the musicians of the play reject it in favor of something more like bulerias, so they take back the exoticisim • - song Habanera (in Carmen), popularizes rumba (rhumba) style o music comes back from the colonies, ex: Cuba, importing into Spain • - lot going on in this movie o French novel romanticizing Spanish culture and music o creates sexy, powerful female figure that has to be stopped by the end • • Zyryab • - Paco de Lucia’s album • - title was named after a musician from a long time ago that is credited with inventing Spanish guitar • - lot of exoticism in this album as well •...
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