The Politics of Dance

Favor of something more like bulerias so they take

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Unformatted text preview: much closer to the traditional flamenco style • • • • • • “Canción del fuego fatuo (Song of the Will- o’- the- Wisp)” Rocio Jurado (mezzo- soprano), Jesús López- Cobos, National Orchestra of Spain, El Amor Brujo Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [EMI Angel 38338- 1, 1986] o This performance from Antonio Gades’s second film of El Amor Brujo (the first was in 1967) features flamenco singer Rocio Jurado. o The rajo (literally cracked or split; functionally hoarse and nasal) vocal quality and tiny, microtonal embellishments are distinctly flamenco traits. o Rocio Jurado isn’t an opera singer, actress/singer, cultural icon • • - principle desire of opera singing is to be beautiful, whereas principle desire of flamenco is to express oneself through voice • - nightclub music comes up, where they think of flamenco as an art, desire for authenticity o setting it as folk music, elevating it to art because they put so much detail into it • - another style: high- end touristy, a middle ground that’s popular, comes from popularization of dance, people pay more attention to dance than music • - combo of dance and art and folk • - Los Tarantos – essentially Romeo and Juliet story, feuding families o clip: shows authentic lifestyle of people who make flamenco o one person dances, everyone claps while music plays, then everyone starts dancing o movie stresses continuity of generations o very aggressive dancing o Carmen Amaya • - Antonio Gades (born Esteve) o clip: dances not in traditional space/stage, takes up lots of space o very graceful dancing, did a lot of ballet o tribute to Gene Kelly, dances on the streets o very cinematic and theatrical o same movie as above, but doesn’t seem like it o 1964, another World’s Fair in New York, Gades represented Spain o gets a featured role in some movie with Ann Margret o politically, went between US, Cuba, and Spain, but always dancing o 1980s, made 3 movies (Lorca’s Blood Wedding, Carmen, El Amor Brujo) • • • 10/17/13 Class Stuff - p...
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