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The Politics of Dance

O synthesizer duo richard norris and dave ball form

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Unformatted text preview: • “Compadres (Bulerias)” (Paco de Lucia/Manolo Sanlúcar) Paco de Lucia and Manolo Sanlúcar, guitars. Paco de Lucia, Zyryab [Polygram CD, 1990] o Paco de Lucia is one of the most successful and most respected of present- day flamenco guitarists. As Antonio Gades has done in dance, de Lucia has melded traditional flamenco forms with other styles to both sustain and transform tradition o In “Compadres” traditional rhythms and playing techniques are blended with jazz harmonies. o flamenco style of playing guitar o uses older guitar – exoticism of the past • - de Lucia forms trio with 2 other guys, a jazz guy and a rock guy • • “Sichia” (Paco de Lucia) John McLaughlin (center channel), Al Di Meola (left channel), Paco de Lucia (right channel) Passion, Grace & Fire [1983] o A jazz summit of sorts, with Paco de Lucia, British jazz guitarist John McLaughlin, and American jazz- rock guitarist Al Di Meola o other 2 guy’s style is more melodic, de Lucia is more about strumming • • - in late 1980s, get resurgence of flamenco into mainstream • • • 10/22/13 • - lot of music categorized into “new flamenco” even though it isn’t traditionally flamenco, might just have one element: guitar, voice, palmas o dancing recedes • - popularized by Paco de Lucia • - colonization – tend to think of it being a one way exchange, but there is always a flow backwards • - emic/etic dichotomy – insider, outsider duality o some people grew up in some culture and can distinguish nuances o but often may take an outsider to point out something obvious • - marginal retention – music and culture tends to move from the center outwards o people who are exiled or moved away from home are more interested in holding on to traditions • • Nueva Cancion • - period of experimentation, we get some jazz stuff, and also nueva flamenco • and nueva cancion o starts in Argentina, goes to Brazil, reaches Spain late, in 1980s • - nueva cancion – new burst of life, recapturing...
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