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The Politics of Dance

Often a family product carmen gades de lucia 1986

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Unformatted text preview: music in a new form • - nueva flamenco was Spain’s version of nueva cancion • - bossa nova, 1960s Brazil • • “La Tumbona” (Francisco Sanchez Gomez/Sanchez Gomez) Jorge Pardo & Chano Dominguez, 1994 [Nuevo Flamenco Nascente, 1997] o Beginning in the late 1980s and flourishing through the 1990s, nuevo flamenco is a mixture of new influences from popular music from outside of Spain with great respect for the old traditions, encompassing a wide variety of styles. o One of the most successful artists of the label “Nuevos Medios” (sometimes called the Motown of Flamenco) is the duo of Jorge Pardo & Chano Dominguez, who follow the jazz- flamenco fusion line. This track is originally from a Paco de Lucia tribute album, 10 de Paco. o clapping and yelling in background typical flamenco, participation from others o sax and fretless bass are not typical • • “Fernanda” (Carlos Gonzales Lencero/Diego Carrasco Fernandez) Diego Carrasco, 1994 [Nuevo Flamenco Nascente NSCD014, 1997] o Diego Carrasco is one of the premier nuevo flamenco guitarists. Despite the subtly samba- esque background rhythm, both his guitar and vocal sounds are quite traditionally flamenco. • • “Pozo del Deseo” (Juan Miguel Carmona/Antonio Carmona/José...
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