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The Politics of Dance

Piece dramatizing the knife fight between carmen and

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Unformatted text preview: on another track, omitted for the commercial recording. Proof positive that flamenco is as much dance as “music.” o just has a guitar, not rest of things that make it flamenco • • • 10/15/13 • Class Assignment Stuff • - paper topic for essay due Tuesday – with sources and ideas o doesn’t have to be related to class o can’t be anything that is major, mainstream American style o localized scenes are possible (polka in Chicago, norteno’s band, Korean hip- hop in LA) can even just do a song • • Flamenco Roots • - don’t have any records of flamenco other than from written records of people who were far removed from it • - flamenco was mixing at the margins • - the music people were hearing was a tourist version, brings us to the contest or exhibition in 1922 (cante jondo) o the flamenco we know mostly comes from this point o cante jondo is the most genuine expression of flamenco • - quite often, family groups produce flamenco o goes back to the gypsies (families) o true even today, families of dancers and musicians • - post- Industrial concepts came up of the individual - people fascinated by the invention of phonograph • • Flamenco - flamenco is a fusion of music and dancing - borders of this are more permeable than other styles - creating modern music that has aspirations towards authenticity - de falla continues to create ballets, based on flamenco o folk tale: Love the Magician (El Amor Brujo), is a love quadrangle o after contest, Vincente Escudero, considered best flamenco style of newly authentic style o Lorca is important figure o blending strains of art and folk • - performance makes a different • • “La Tabacalera de Sevilla” (Georges Bizet) Antonio Solera, Antonio Gades Dance Company Carmen Original Motio...
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